Chivas regal extra

Teachers, Johnnie Walker Black, and Glenlivet 12 all have something extra for the same money, and Great King Street Artists Blend is simply better all-around for an extra chunk of change.
Nose: Sharp with alcohol fumes but little else maybe some apricot and young white wine.
This has done nothing to elevate my opinion of blended Scotches.I now want a glass of something better.Its quite smooth, if thats all youre looking for, and the price is right sub 25.After a few conversations Ive come to realize that one cannot rely upon plastic miniature (or even glass, sometimes) bottles to deliver a representation of the actual product.I originally identified it as sharp alcohol fumes.Great King Street: Artists Blend is better in that its grain is better-integrated, its body is heftier, and it has more than just standard scotch flavor.Awhile back (May 19, 2011) I tasted a 50ml sample bottle (plastic) of Chivas Regal (12 year-old) blended scotch.
Very mild fruit dried cherries?
Chivas Brothers, now owned by Pernod Ricard, is a big name in Scotch and the company has been selling blends since 1801.

I want to like it, so I keep tasting and get a few notes of that apricot and a little fresh hay and something briny, like dried seaweed.As another attempt to verify claims that blended Scotches can be a quaffable alternative to inexpensive single malts, I picked up a 50 ml miniature of Chivas Regals 12-year-old blended Scotch.That said, miniatures are a form of marketing, and my experience with this one dissuaded me from buying a full bottle.Some people make brand loyalty decisions based on these things.Somewhat thin body, but eminently smooth.I feel unsatisfied, like it offered me something of substance and then pulled a bait-and-switch.Bit of a woody twist, with some bitterness showing through.Palate: Smooth, but with a twinge of overdryness.Right before the sweet malt sets in midpalate, there is a heavy dose of wet cigarette ash.
Overall: Its a very mild, very inoffensive blend with middle-of-the-road flavors.
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