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In addition, ViPR.0 delivers simple pane-of-glass management for customers to automate and standardize the management of an existing storage infrastructure, while bridging the support for the new storage infrastructure that is policy-driven. New mobile applications are delivering unique and frictionless experiences for customers to both interact and transact.Customer" : Chris Flaesch, General Manager, Platform Offerings, CSC "With over 177 Petabytes of storage under management and a growth rate of 21 per year, EMC's Storage Resource Management Suite and EMC ViPR will allow us to improve FTE support ratios of storage.Haim Inger, Chief Technology Officer, clal Insurance.Enhanced ViPR Controller: Bridge to the 3 rd Platform.The bottom line is that new ViPR Data Services provide access to data wherever users are, wherever the data is, whenever it's needed.In addition, ViPR.0 also adds ViPR Block Services, new data services based on EMC ScaleIO server-SAN software.ViPR is the cornerstone of EMC's Software-Defined Storage portfolio, it has been designed from the ground up to address the key pain points of EMC's enterprise and service provider customers today, and into the future.We continue to respond to customer feedback which has resulted in the inclusion of support for the ECS Appliance, commodity platforms and state-of-the-art object capabilities.".Organizationally, ViPR allows us to take apart old silos and give us a portal that specifies specific SLAs to virtual storage pools and deploy them in a much easier way than done previously. .ViPR.0 also extends support for EMC arrays with improved integration and management of EMC vplex and EMC RecoverPoint.Less MM / 58MM, the Green Mile, distributor (2000) (DVD) (United States Distributor (pan and scan) (2000) (VHS) (United States Distributor (2009) (Blu-ray/DVD) (United States Distributor (Blu-ray included in "The Frank Darabont Collection (2015) (DVD) (United States) Distributor (2000) (DVD) (United States Distributor (pan and.
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Analyst," : Laura Dubois, Program Vice President, Storage Practice, IDC.Availability, eMC ViPR.0, available in the second quarter of 2014.With expanded support, ViPR now quien gano la guerra civil española yahoo supports the vast majority of the storage arrays in the market today.The updates to these suites are designed to give customers maximum visibility into complex multi-vendor environments.ViPR Object Data Services also add additional compliance capabilities to ensure federal, healthcare and other industry requirements are met, and provide support for the EMC Centera CAS (Content Addressable Storage) API.Enhancements to ViPR SRM also include enhanced virtual storage management through the ViPR console.This allows EMC Centera customers to maintain the unique retention and compliance features offered by their applications on any ViPR-supported platform with no software changes required.ViPR SRM and SAS.3 will be available.By decoupling the Control Plane from the Data Plane, ViPR simplifies management of intelligent arrays while leveraging their underlying intelligence in a fully automated way that is based on policy.IMDbPro, already a subscriber?